Moving on again

Well I never thought I’d say it and it is tough to admit but I am glad to be leaving Japan. It has been incredibly hard work. From seeking free wifi to getting cash out to organising getting to an airport planning has been tough out here.

I never thought such a big and high tech place would be this tough for tourists. It has been difficult being a foreign tourist in this country and its been hard to relax.

Don’t get me wrong there were places I loved and places I felt at peace. Probably my last leg being in Tokyo was just a bit intense.

I met my brother, his girlfriend and friend in Tokyo and it was so good to have a bit of home to re-inspire me and keep me going. I have now left them and started on to the airport towards Vietnam. It felt tough to say goodbye. Knowing that now I am truly alone again. All the people I met in Bali are back in their home countries as well as the people I’ve met along the way. Starting from scratch again feels tough especially when weary after Japan.

It isn’t easy to admit the ‘negative’ or difficult feelings. But, the hard part starts now and I’m pretty nervous.


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