Japan firsts

Japan firsts

Here are some of my ‘firsts’ from Japan.

My first time:
Sleeping on tatami mats and futons

Hiking with a risk of bears

Drinking sake (and enjoying it)

Eating sushi that isn’t from tesco!
Having a Japanese onsen

Travelling to the top of a snow topped mountain
Wearing a ‘bathing’ kimono
Visiting Shinto and Buddhist temples

img_7062 img_7103 img_7808 img_7982
Eating rice and seaweed for breakfast!
Drinking decent green tea
Playing a pachinko machine

Meeting someone from Israel (met some great guys in a restaurant who gave us some tips on where to visit)
Finding a secret hot dog in my cheese roll
Seeing a real life Geisha
Walking the torii passage of Fushimi-inari temple


Feeding/stroking a deer
Making origami birds
Buying food in a supermarket without knowing what it is
Using a photo booth

Travelling by night bus
Attempting to eat chicken knee! (Attempting..)
Travelling by bullet train


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