Feeling homesick

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Being in Tokyo alone is as I expected, bloody hard work and not much fun. Being knackered after that night bus didn’t help. It was an interesting experience but I don’t know how people would sleep the whole way through.

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I went to Harajuku- fashion central. I’ve always been a bit intrigued since Gwen Stefani went solo and a bit odd and released that song ‘Harajuku girls’ which has been going round and round in my head. So off I went to fashion capital wearing my comfy clothes I’ve been wearing for about a week now and having not showered or brushed my teeth for a day. It was classy stuff! Harajuku was pretty underwhelming I have to say. I had my fingers crossed for girls wearing crazy clothes there wasn’t much of that and the shops were full of teenage tat. I wasn’t sure if it was for teenagers or if that’s just what most girls here wear. I went to a mall which was pretty cool in fairness but so expensive I had to leave before I mistakenly bought something for more than I’d dream of paying.

Wasted a bit of time until I could check into my air bnb and went to another temple alone.

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I suppose the highlights of the day were getting lost in a train station mall for half an hour- not kidding I don’t know why they insist on putting malls in station. They have such dreadful direction signs.. it must happen a lot. Showering and getting into bed at 4pm was also pretty ace. Skyping my friend back in the UK kept me from breaking down. Instant laughing and nonsense made me realise it had been 24 hours since a proper conversation with someone and that wasn’t good for me.

All in all I’ve felt really homesick since I’ve been in Tokyo. A lot of the cafes and stations play Christmas carols and have trees and decorations out. Yet its not even mid November! It’s making it so much harder to be out here in this time. I love Christmas carols. Christmas has always been my favourite occasion of the year and a real family time. Me and my two brothers have been together every single Christmas. It has been incredibly hard to make the decision not to go home this year. Its such a traditional time for us.

I hope that Vietnam will be quite different and I won’t have these things pulling at my heartstrings. The heat will surely keep me away from a cold December in uk.


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