Saying goodbye


My friend and I went our seperate ways today. He headed to Osaka for his last night before flying home and I was bound for Tokyo. Last night we had an evening of sake, origami and sushi. It was pure Japanese bliss. Today we had a last coffee together in a Hawaiian shop (bit random to find in the outskirts of Kyoto) and went our seperate ways.

It was odd being alone again. I had been a bit nervous about it because travelling around has been a bit tough. The last definite that I had on my list was going to the Kinkaku-ji temple or Golden pavillion. So I dropped my growing rucksack at the station and got a bus to the temple. Oddly (and I suppose not surprisingly) I daydreamed less and was a lot more aware of what was going on around me than I have been the last couple of weeks. Actually maybe more like the last month!

img_8015 img_8016

It was really strange being at the temple alone. A feeling so many lone travellers have described to me- when you see a sight so beautiful you just want someone there to say ‘wow’ to. I get it now. Its an amazing spectacle. Just a perfect setting. But I felt like I would have enjoyed it more if I had my friend there sharing it with me.

After enjoying the view. I felt I needed some time to chill. Naturally I headed for a McDonalds I’d passed earlier. It is the one place I know I can rely on for free wifi. Japan says that it has free wifi everywhere… it really, really doesn’t!


Following several hours of spamming my friends and family with my news and pictures I am now aboard a night bus for Tokyo. Specifically a “beaute ladies bus”. When booking this my friend and I were in fits and he wouldn’t let me choose a different bus. So here I am. Nice stripy colourful chairs, mirror to hand and some strange looking unidentifiable electrical implement (which I dare not touch in case it goes off and causes havoc) all supporting my beauty!!!!

If I’m honest I’m not overly happy because a few men have boarded the bus…


(The surreal inside of the coach- curtains everywhere! Pretty comfortable though!) img_8030

(I’ve got my pocket mirror! Already feeling beautiful)


(The unidentifiable electrical object)


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