Now is the final leg of this trip. Kyoto. After this will be Tokyo. We are finally back to the civilisation of the modern day and I’m not so sure I like it.

This is what I’ve been looking forward to most, what I longed for when I was younger. When I was 17 I read memoirs of a geisha. Once I finished the book I read it again… two more times. I then watched and bought the film. For a long time it was the only dvd I had bought and the only one I was happy to watch again and again.

Part of me knew I would come here. But now that I’m here I feel underwhelmed and out of my depth. Apparently locals here say that a lifetime is not enough to explore Kyoto. It certainly feels like that. I have things on my list that I want to do and see but there is SO MUCH that it makes me feel overwhelmed.

That is my issue with planning and organising and why I am so terrible at it. Although I have a list of what I want if there is too much to choose from I’m instantly bombarded and overwhelmed. Its like I’m missing a filter in my brain. I have always been dreadful at choosing from menus when I’m out for dinner, it drives my dad up the wall, he always would tell me one day he’ll get me a dice which forces the choice for me. I cannot seem to focus on the thing in front of me and make the choice and the worry that I have made the wrong choice or that there is a better choice out there is what overwhelms me.

In Bali it wasn’t a concern because for some reason I wasn’t too bothered on where we went and what we saw- as long as I saw the temple I wanted to see when I was younger. In Bali the decisions were made for me. Here, a lot of the decisions over the past week have been made- my friend was awesome in planning it out. He had no choice, when he was doing it I was in Bali and had no time to think.

We have two days to explore Kyoto. So I have chopped my list to a few temples and hope to get a sightseeing tour in order to get some background. Hopefully we can cram and I won’t have the worry that it hasn’t been enough.


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