Pachinko machines


My friend had told me about these before we left for Japan. Gambling is quite popular in Japan and in particular these pachinko machines. They are quite like pinball machines but upright and use lots of smaller balls. They have winding paths of brass pins in the machines and the balls take random paths down these pins. The idea is to attempt to ‘control’ the balls to land in ‘cups’ along the way to score points.


I had no idea what he was on about when he told me all this. So on the way out for dinner yesterday at about 17:30 we passed a ‘pachinko centre’. It was a large building and was blasting out this intense high pitched ‘dance’ music. We went in for a look. I have no idea how anyone can sit in that place let alone work there! I thought HK was sensory overload this was utter madness. There were people sat in there playing they looked completely entranced. We got the hell out of there and vowed to check one out later.

After dinner we were searching for a bar and came across a street which must had three massive pachinko centres all opposite one another. We went in. They weren’t quite as loud as the other one. There must have been hundreds in this centre and there was more than one floor!

So we chucked in some money and had a go. Absolutely no idea how to use the thing. We were randomly pushing buttons twisting knobs. The thing is hectic. Constant noise, flashing lights and music.


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