feeling frustrated

After leaving the relative chaos of HK and arriving in Japan I thought I’d feel more at peace.

Its the one place that I’ve looked forward to for so long. Somewhere I always felt drawn to. Not the busy or hectic cities… but the calm of the rural towns. The beauty of the wilderness of Japan.

But if anything I feel frustrated and irritated. It isn’t the tourist friendly place I thought it might be. Every turn we take is difficult and it feels like there’s no rest from it all. I understand that travelling can be hard work and in fairness I am relying on my own language (which doesn’t sit very well with me). But this is tough.

Even a simple thing like free wifi feels impossible, I expected the cities to be these high tech places which would be massively convenient and I would feel in awe. Not quite. Wifi is such a must for getting around and checking information. Hong Kong and Bali were easier in that respect… and I relied on wifi less because it was easier to communicate with people. I don’t like the idea of travelling alone and having little communication with the locals and the experts of their countries. I would prefer to be able to communicate with them than the solitude of my touchscreen.

One thing that baffles me more than any other is that even when its clear that I speak no Japanese and respond entirely in confused looks and English words people continue to talk at me or over me. There is no gesticulation and no real attempts to support my understanding. Its like a robot at work. Regardless of my response they will continue with their polite customer service. If anything its more frustrating.

Maybe its just the PMS (I hate it when people say that) but I’m feeling grumpy and irritable (my poor friend putting up with this!) and it makes me long for the easier life I had in Bali.

Fortunately we are off to the wilderness today. To Kiso valley, the old merchants paths between Tokyo and Kyoto. I hope that I will feel more at peace and I will be more forgiving to those who cannot speak my mother tongue.


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