A trip alone


When my friend was at work all day I decided to go and see ‘the big Buddha’ as he calls tian tan Buddha. He’d given me all the info I needed to get there. ‘Get to this station, take this tube, get off here, get a cable car and there you go’. I was still feeling utterly bombarded by the HK life but I thought I’d better see something despite the exhaustion.


Miraculously… or perhaps thanks to his directions and the use of offline google maps I managed to get there. So I bought a cable car ticket. The funny thing about travelling alone is that cashiers or people around you give you a funny look “just one?” yes just one.. I’m fine thanks. So I get in a cable car with a lot of French speaking others. We start going up over some water and I suddenly think “uh oh… am I going to be ok with this?!”. Thankfully I was. A few thoughts of impending doom but nothing too crazy.

img_6747 img_6750

By the time I’m at the top after all the hustle and bustle of the trains and queuing for the cable cars I’m blooming knackered. Desperate for an Early grey tea (apparently starting to become popular in HK) I attempt to find one… no luck. So I get a lemon tea and chill with my Karl Pilkington book.


Later I walk up to the Buddha. It is finally the moment of calm I’ve been searching for. Despite the people up there it is blissfully quiet. I can hear birds and watch the sun slowly setting. Not sure I’m cut out for the city life.

img_6732 img_6749

It takes forever to get back. But once back down on familiar ground I meet my friend and he took me to the bar at the top of the tallest building of HK. This is apparently the highest bar on earth. Considering this it is horrendously tacky and of course hugely overpriced. I thought it might be filled with businessmen and the rich. Not quite. I suppose the tacky interior represents the clientelle. But the view is somewhat worth it!


(The ICC tower the tallest tower in HK)



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