a breath of fresh air

After writing the last post and having a nap on the train we started to pass through some small villages and rice paddy fields, I instantly started to feel more relaxed.

I’m starting to realise I’m really not a big city girl. Even Bristol at times is too much for me. I much preferred the small city life of Salisbury.

One thing I’ve noticed when we passed a small river with a heron stood in it… I’ve hardly seen any animals since being in Japan!!!! I saw one man and his dog crossing the road last night and noted that it was a Japanese breed. I saw a fly in the lift last night. That’s about it! No ants, I haven’t even had the chance to eat an ant since we’ve been here! Couldn’t stop bloody eating them in Bali!

Besides the heron I haven’t seen any birds. As for the lack of flies and insects it is immensely clean here. For example, I just went for a quick wee in the train toilet and the thing flushed for about 5 minutes!!! I found it a bit insulting actually! So I can see why there hasn’t been any ants.

Starting to wonder if its got anything to do with radiation following that incident in the power plant.. slightly concerned as we are travelling closer and closer to that area! Mind you Joanna Lumley went in to the area and as far as I know she’s still alive! I might have to keep checking on that.

Just saw a butterfly out of the window. There could still be hope yet!


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