First thoughts on Hong Kong? “bloody hell!”. After small fry Bali, my teeny community, getting taxis everywhere (there is no public transport in Bali) my breath was quite literally taken when I finally looked out of the train window and saw the city.


(Building a road in the sea- pretty awesome)

Once off the plane I needed to get a train to baggage claim! What on earth?! That just goes to show how big things are. Not quite Bristol airport. I then was bombarded with staff wearing face masks shoving digital thermometers in my face and some British woman over the tannoy telling me to avoid poultry and go to the doctor if I’m coughing. Are they really still worried about bird flu??

I then withdrew some currency and attempted to buy a chocolate bar (this took me about twenty minutes because my eyes could not filter out the extraneous detail). One of the hardest things for me with this travelling business is the currency. I was just getting to grips with the exchange rates in Bali and then I’m off somewhere new. It’s really difficult to have no perception of how much something does or should cost. I end up chucking a pile of notes at the cashier or standing and staring for several minutes into my purse. I never was one to budget anyway and on top of that not knowing how much I’m spending should be pretty worrying. My dad would have a few things to say about that I’m sure..

So I met my friend in the train station. Haven’t seen him for a year. We met in our first year of university at Birmingham both lived in the same accommodation. It is incredible to finally see his home and he’s enjoying the fact that for once he is not the foreigner.

So last night was dim sum (I’m trusting him with my appetite and my bowels! I’m sure at some point I will regret it) and craft beers- I was ecstatic to have a craft beer again.



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