Sensory overload


As my friend is at work today I am alone in HK. It is constant here. Complete and utter sensory overload.

Smells- a bombardment of fish, building work, people, food.

Sights- yes there is a lot of people, but the biggest difficulty is that I can’t read anything!! HK seems so westernised I’m pretty sure they use English style plug sockets and most people speak perfect English but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the shops are that I’m walking past because they’re covered in Cantonese writing and the items they are selling are bloody strange!

I would love to go into a traditional café to use some internet but so far I have only managed to enter Western style places- pret, some American style café and currently a McDonalds. Epic traveller fail. But I have so much fear of the unknown right now thanks to sights such as…


Sounds- constant traffic. In Bali it was mainly bikes/scooters you had to avoid but now its everything. Even the road crossings are constantly beeping. I also think people love to shout at one another here. Someone next to me in McDonalds is insistently slurping his food and drink. One thing I cannot stand. One hand covering ear, one hand typing.. not discreet at all.

Tastes- Ok less so. I had a coffee and a muffin for breakfast. In hindsight that’s not going to help the sensory overload and on edge-ness that I’m already feeling.


(Sometimes it feels like the smallest of differences shock me the most)

Touch- HK is SOOOO cold!!!!!!!!! And it is not outside that is the problem. Outside is hot but definitely cooler than Bali which is great. My body is loving the fact its not constantly dripping with sweat. I’m so over the moon to not be chaffing like crazy due to constant sweaty legs (of all things). But they really need to have a look at the air con machines here because it cannot be healthy. I’m wishing I brought a jacket with me. Freezing to death in a McDonalds isn’t quite what I expected. My friend told me its because everyone wears suits, no one’s in a suit right now but they are wearing trousers and jackets and I’m not at all surprised. People were moaning at me in Bali for having the air con so low in the hotel and said it would make me ill.. maybe that’s what the British woman over the tannoy system in the airport was talking about. I wasn’t really listening.



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