Bali firsts

As my time in Bali is now at an end I’ve been reflecting over a lot of the things I have accomplished over this time.

But rather than get bogged down in the deep and meaningful I’d rather stick to my firsts while I’ve been in Bali.

Whilst in Bali I experienced my first time…

Flying long haul alone

Skinny dipping in the sea with luminescent plankton (I only wish I had a photo of how beautiful it looked in the moonlight)
Showering naked with friends

Teaching English


Using a squat toilet (and being a pro at it!)
White water rafting
Enjoying tofu
Bathing in a river (soap and all)
Eating a dunkin donut (it’s nothing on Krispy Kreme)
Chaffing (genuinely had no idea that this happens to people who are not extremely overweight)
Stroking an elephant’s trunk


Taking clothes to a laundrette (hands down the best feeling whilst in Bali)
Drinking from a coconut

Panic attack on a boat
Spending my evening sharpening pencils and making crafts

Weeing in a river with a friend- this wasn’t just one occasion.
Snorkelling in a coral reef
Climbing an active volcano at sunrise
Weeing in a row of friends on a volcano
Going veggie

Attending a Hindu ceremony
Making a Hindu offering

Making chocolate
Holding a praying mantis
Dolphin watching



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