Bali animals part 2


Has to be done. Too many good photos 🙂

img_6273 img_6274 img_6293 img_6364

The skinniest pig I have ever seen!! I wonder if this is how they are ‘supposed’ to look without us fattening them up and modifying them in the west.

img_6372 img_6376

These little dudes are called Luwaks by the locals. Often kept as pets they are also used in coffee plantations. The idea is that the luwaks are fed coffee beans and will only eat the ‘good’ ones. The workers then harvest the beans from the luwaks’ poo. At this point the beans are less acidic due to the ingestion process. Locals believe this is the best coffee. I haven’t tried it. Not because I wouldn’t… but due to expense! I’m trying to be tight!

img_5962 img_6119


I think its becoming clear how much I love birds…

img_6247 img_6252

I do not know what this is…

img_6253 img_6254 img_6258


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