Ulun Danu, lake Bratan


When I was 15 and completing a health and social care GCSE on alternative therapies. I googled places in Asia I wanted to visit. The most stunning pagoda in the middle of a lake came up. I printed the picture and kept it. I was definitely going to go there at some point.

Many years later when travelling to Asia felt more of an option I found the place again- it was in Bali. 

Yesterday we went to the temple and saw the pagoda. I was over the moon that finally we could go.
But guess what!? It rained the entire time! A LOT! It was freezing and busy and touristy, we had to pay to get in there and… it wasn’t the tranquil pristine place I expected. Google… or whoever took the photo did a lot of editing and positioning. I feel quite tricked. But… I’m still glad I went. Or am I just trying to be positive? 



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