Village tour with our homestay mum


On our last day in the homestay village we were planning to go for a walk around the paddy fields. Unfortunately I had only just found these and hadn’t really made the most of such a beautiful walk.


Our homestay mum (known as Bu the polite way to address a woman) decided to come with us. We were over the moon because we never got much free time to spend getting to know her and language barriers often got in the way.

So off we set at 7:30am for a wander which soon turned in to a proper tour. Bu picked us flowers for our hair, pointed out different plants, fruits, took us to a local farmer’s house, walked us across a field to get a closer look at a man harvesting rice.



We then popped into a restaurant which has a pool and turned out to be owned by her uncle. Everyone seems to be related in some way in this village and I would find out a new link every day!




She then ordered us an
Enormous coconut and we chilled by the pool. Sweating profusely and it was only about 9am! You know its hot when the locals are also complaining.

After walking back through the fields Bu took us to several people’s homestays and more people turned out to be related to her!
We watched some wood carvers at work.



Back at the homestay it was a celebratory occasion because she let Chico the dog out of his cage. We don’t know if he ever comes out… but we assume that he doesn’t often. He was an absolute nutcase when he got out.




Perfect last day of an amazing time in a local village. We were incredibly lucky to be a part of the village and it truly felt that way. We were treated as part of the family and part of the community. It is hard to be leaving that!


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