There’s a storm brewing… again!


No matter what, every time we’ve had free time and are just about to leave the door the heavens let loose and rain on our parade. According to the locals it is not yet the rainy season and it is unusual to see as much rain as we have.

White water rafting in the jungle of Klung-kung was the most saturated with water I have ever been. The rafting journey was 3 hours long, I think we saw at least 2 hours of storm. At first we were grateful for the cold, after an hour with the thunder and flashes of lightning we got a tad panicky.

So today we set off at 6am to go dolphin watching in a tiny boat with no roof and long floats attached either side by rope. Lo and behold the clouds were looking pretty ominous. We caught a few glimpses of dolphins even a baby one!!


Fortunately, despite the clouds, no rain. Unfortunately, the waves picked up and our tiny ‘traditional’ boat was not the best thing to be in. Inevitably the sea sickness set in, we were drenched by the waves. No sign of panic though.

The stormy clouds laid off for the rest of the trip and already drenched we went for a spot of snorkelling in the coral reef. I thought for sure the sickness would get worse due to the waves but actually I felt tons better. Snorkelling was incredible. We had small pieces of banana and spring rolls which we fed by hand to the fish which I loved. I only wish I had a go pro to take photos of the beautiful fish, so many rainbow fish!


I have to say I didn’t really snorkel. At one point a big wave got water in my snorkel which I swallowed and choked on. There was no way I was trying that again so I ditched the snorkel and ‘goggled’ instead. I don’t understand how people snorkel so well. I have no idea how deep my face is so I’m constantly worrying about water getting in the snorkel. Its clearly not a safe activity. Definitely want to give scuba diving a go after this, so I can get properly in amongst the reef.


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