My homestay breakfasts


Our homestay breakfasts are always a source of excitement and suspense. At the start of the project it was the one thing that got me up at 6am each morning! (not an easy feat!)

They range from the undescribable gloop like ‘phlegm’ to a sausage roll. I’m not normally one to take pictures of food- I’m already too busy chowing down before I think to take one. But these were so unusual and odd that it had to be done. Our homestay mum was so good to us and would aways make a homemade smoothie and some sort of food item. Which was certainly better than some of the homestays who had a bit of stale bread and green banana each morn!

So first and foremost- the above was our first breakfast in the homestay. Two ‘cakes’ I suppose. One which looks suspiciously like a sea creature and another which was basically jelly. They were actually pretty good and eased us in gently.


Pretty normal. I think I took this picture because I was so happy to have some bread! One of these was a cheese sandwich the other was a chocolate sprinkle sandwich. Little bit unusual fortunately I had a massive pot of nutella with me so I smothered that on it.
Little fact- they love to add cheese with sweet things here. Cheese and banana is a norm. Cheese and chocolate also very normal out here. A school we worked in one day gave us some biscuits which had chocolate and cheese spread in it. Not a fan. Just because they have similar consontants at the start… does not suggest they go together!


This was a very exciting moment for us! A sausage bun with ketchup. We couldn’t believe it. The sausage was most likely boiled and was a very unusual texture but we were all over it!


This was a bit of a mission! 3 cakes and the most vile fruit I’ve ever attempted to eat. Honestly, when you peeled it you smelt cheese when you bit into it it was a mixture of apple and acetone nail varnish remover.


Nothing could have prepared us for this. Smelt good, looked ok. Was the texture of phlegm! After two lots of retching I had to give up. I’m not good with phlegm on the best of days. Shame because the taste was fine. Unfortunately we had this on two occasions. It isn’t better when it is warm! Its either mung bean dessert or black rice pudding. I will avoid both just in case…

Strangy enough green bananas are a thing here! I’m starting to believe that bananas in Bali never turn yellow because I’ve not seen one!!! Same goes for oranges!!


This is my personal favourite. Fruit cake, potato and cheese! what. the. heck!? The fruit cake was incredible!


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