Animals of Indonesia


So I was asked by some friends to add a post of the animals I see on my journey. So here goes the first posting of encountered animals thus far!
The monkey above hangs out at the summit of Mt Batur volcano in the Northern region of Bali.


This lil praying Mantis found by a poolside in Ubud, Bali


This massive guy hanging out in the window of our jungle hut. After pointing it out to one of the staff members he came round with a large stick and wound the web round it. Don’t know what he did with it then!


Not sure whether this snake was chilling or dead.



Soooo many chickens in Bali!!!!


Worse so many roosters! You will most certainly be woken up by a rooster in the morning here! And from thereafter they practically don’t shut up! Roosters are everywhere here.



It is quite typical for Balinese homes to have caged birds. They can also be seen all over markets and often in public areas like pools etc. This one was in our hotel complex and wolf whistled constantly 😉





Dogs are everywhere in Bali. Families typically have dogs. When you see dogs in Bali you might assume they are strays, they won’t be! Families have dogs as guard dogs and they often roam about anywhere. Balinese people don’t treat animals the way that westerners might. It’s just a cultural difference. Sometimes dogs will be in cages their entire life. If a pet dog is sick they might not take it to the vets. It is a difficult thing to accept when you feel differently about animals, but it is just a different way of life.



Saw some of these guys in the elephant safari 🙂 their trunks feel SO strange!! like giant hairy rough caterpillars




Geckos!! All I hear at night is the mating calls of geckos! One of the homestay dads told us that a female gecko will run behind a picture frame, then you will hear a mating call, next a male will run over and check her out. That’s the mating process of geckos. Now I know exactly what they’re up to when they run behind things on the walls!


Balinese pidgeon!


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