Get a massage!

When you’re abroad that is the one thing to do! They are nothing like they are back home (which could be for good reason).

That’s just what we did this week. We had an afternoon off projects and were told we could find an hour massage for £6.

So time was ticking on and curfew was at 9pm so we ended up running around Ubud to find somewhere.

Success found one! But only had time for a half hour one. It was perfect. All 3 of us in a room together.

So very different to the massages I’ve had in England. They began by straddling us and pushing down until every bloody bone in my back cracked. They also talked and more concerningly LAUGHED the majority of the time. It was not the relaxing experience one might have expected. Least not the sound of the constant traffic and beeping outside the window and customers bartering in the other room. Oh and there was the relentless creaking of massage beds and the odd sound of gecko mating calls.

Towards the end of our half hour I could hear a masseuse slapping and thumping my friend… then my other friend and soon enough me. That was my least favourite time in the experience.

So that was that. Job done. Feeling refreshed, rejuvinated, a whole new woman with a whole new back. Then we had to run like the wind through town and back to the coach to make sure we didn’t miss curfew. All in all, not relaxing, but extremely effective.


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