Hard work

Here’s a little bit of proof that so far Bali has not been all fun and games.

In fact… at times its been bloody hard work!

I’m volunteering for UK company SLV (Sri Lanka Volunteers) on a mental health placement. It’s a pilot project in Bali for 1 month and involves providing therapeutic projects for children with learning disabilities and autism, individuals with mental health conditions and teaching English in schools.

The idea is that the volunteers are split into groups and we plan all our projects in these groups each week and travel to the schools etc and deliver our projects. We have 6 1.5hr-2hr projects spread across each week and spend the rest of the time
Planning them, attending workshops, buying resources and making/prepping resources for the projects.

The projects can range from art therapy, sports, taught lessons, drama therapy and cognitive/memory therapy. What we do depends on our creativity.

The language barrier is the hardest part and truly is a barrier to therapy. If you think of doing drama therapy.. think about how you can explain that to an 8 year old with a learning disability who doesn’t know any English. Nonverbal communication is my key.

So here’s some of our work so far…



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