Finally relaxation!


So this is the view as I write this post on the balcony of my room. Technically its a mini hut (like center parks but without the kitchen, pine trees and squirrels).

We’re away for the weekend in Nusa Lembongen. It feels so good to take a break from the constant time constraints, nagging and session planning.

It was quite a journey over here though. Boat trip across from the South of Bali to the island of Nusa Lembongen. In my head the boat would be some sort of large ferry… maybe a chain ferry a bit like Cornwall. The reality wasn’t quite so. A large boat with a motor and it was pretty stormy on the trip over. A couple of us are prone to seasickness and verging on terror.

It was a half hour boat ride and the water was so rough. We were literally bouncing off huge waves and crashing back down. It started off with a few screams after each crash. I wasn’t one of the calm ones, I was on the edge of a panic attack at one point but thankfully some deep breathing and of monsters and men on my walkman calmed me back down. (Thankfully I’ve had a bit of training getting myself out of a panic attack after my anxious episode otherwise I don’t think I’d have known what was going on).

So finally we landed and someone met us on the beach to drive us to our hotel- in a glorified pick up truck with a couple of bench seats in the back.

We knew our hotel was a 20min drive but we didn’t realise it would be in the middle of nowhere. Various points in the journey we were freaking out and prepping self defence tactics just in case. In case you’re wondering keys between the knuckles!

Thankfully we got there safe and sound.

Our first stop was the bar for well deserved drinks since we aren’t allowed to drink in the week. The bar was out of smirnoff ice, wine, vodka and said they can’t make cocktails as the barman wasn’t there. However they could make mocktails. Where’s the logic? We suggested they add shots to a mocktail but they weren’t having any of it.┬áThankfully I’m always down for a bintang but one friend was not impressed.

This morning I woke up with a few small ants crawling on me and when I searched the bed for the source of them I found a toe nail clipping under my pillow! Really not sure what to make of that.. do they have toe fairies in Bali!?

Today we’re hoping the bar man is on shift so its… beaches, pools and drinking for the next two days! Oh and hopefully no more toe nail clippings anywhere near me.



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