This lady was so happy. Constantly laughing, joking and taking the mick out of our guide in the jungle. In this picture she is concentrating on making offerings out of palm leaves.

She owned a very basic house a stone construction on a small plot with a well and a couple of chickens and a dog. She also did weaving (apparently the ability to weave is a must for any woman before they marry).

In Bali people make offerings at least once a day (sometimes 6 I was told) and they typically have one skill. It is believed that you are good at one thing- whether that’s cooking, carving, sewing, dancing etc etc. There isn’t the pressure of western life where you have to be good at everything. Community is a massive part of life as well is family. Bali according to the locals translates to ‘many holidays’ which is true as Bali has SO many holidays and ceremonies so often you can find that schools etc are shut because of these holidays.

Makes you really think about happiness and what makes a person happy, or what a good life to lead is. I’m starting to wonder whether a simple life with one trade, a close knit community and family with few possessions and access to food via the land equals a happy life.


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