Getting to know one’s self


As they say you start to know yourself when you’re travelling. I’m hoping that some things stick and others are just symptomatic.

I am naturally a bit scatty and forgetful. I ALWAYS leave the house only to run back in 3 seconds later becuase I’ve forgotten something. But in Bali I am SO much worse. I am trying to blame it on the heat and the cold I had for a good few days but its been a week now and I think the people around me assume its just me. One example is during the weekend in the jungle I went to brush my teeth, the bathroom was a small walk away, I managed to walk up and down 3 times because I kept forgetting my toothbrush.

On the other hand I’m noticing that I’m pretty chilled and laidback about things. I am terribly afraid of insects and spiders. However, in our jungle weekend I was excited to stay the night in a grass hut and overly excited when others told me there was a giant toad on the bathroom door so they couldn’t use it. In fact, the jungle sleep was the best sleep I’ve had since being here.

However, slightly more irritating is that I’m learning I don’t think I like the heat. The amount I have sweated whilst being here is sickening! Never has my face been so drenched in all my life. I think I’m better off in the cool… which doesn’t bode well for the rest of my travels…




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