A change of perspective


After the initial jitters I am starting to feel a bit more at ease. It takes a while to get used to things here. When to greet people or thank people using a prayer symbol in front of your chest, all the traffic and hundreds of motorbikes that manoeuvre terrifyingly! Not to mention the intense heat. I have NEVER been so hot in my life. It’s like a constant fever. Mixed with possible fever as I’m not very well.

Despite the constant first defence spray I used on the plane I have managed to get a cold.


This is the site from out the front of our hotel constant traffic! There are designated men with red flags who assist you to cross the road. Otherwise there is no hope whatsoever. Even with the man its not a nice experience!

There is no public transport here in Bali so everyone has a motorbike or moped or otherwise you travel by taxi. If doing that you need to be sure you are using reputable companies like blue bird group or uber.

So anyway, things are starting into place. I’m beginning to get used to things here and feeling slightly more rested. Despite the illness 😦

Today we move from the capital Denpasar to Ubud. I have been told it is beautiful- paddy fields, trekking opportunities, traditional etc.



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