Get me off this plane!!!


Following my flight to Dubai and my 8 hour stop over I got on the plane to Bali (approx 9 hours).
By this point I’d had enough of planes and didn’t fancy another one. Stuck on the window seat next to a couple… so just to display how poor my ability to recognise accents is- originally I thought the girl sat next to me was Irish.. turns out she and her boyfriend were Dutch!! (I cannot explain that one).

So 9 hours went by we were almost at Bali. Then another hour went by. They have this cool feature on planes now where you can watch your journey and where in the world you are flying over. They also have cameras on the bottom and outside of the plane so you can see in real time what’s below/in front of you (a scary feature when you’re landing and think OMG what if we crash and I watch it all!?). Anyway we were near Bali for after an hour. By which point the captain told us that the weather was too bad to land.

So we circled Bali for over an hour but the weather continued. We then were told that we were running out of fuel. So they made the decision to fly to East Java (almost an hour from Bali) and land there to refuel. So we refuelled for two hours whilst we all sat on the plane. At this point I was experiencing cabin fever- desperately staring out the window for salvation. We then flew back to Bali.

So we were due to arrive in Bali 21:40 instead we arrived at 01:30.

Our pick up had left so myself and the other girl on my placement grabbed a taxi to the hotel. We got in at 3:00, sleep at 4:00. Then up at 08:30 to start our SLV Bali Mental Health placement orientation.

Knackered does not cut it!!!!! Not the start to Bali I was expecting.


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