One flight down…

img_5063 img_5064

So here I am. Banana in hand, glass of baileys and ice by my side. Bit of an odd combination I’m aware but Emirates are feeders so I’m pretty full. One flight down so I’m currently in a VIP lounge in Dubai for the for the next good few hours.

I have an 8 hour stop over- horrendous really! But a VIP lounge was only £25 and absolutely is the right thing to do when you have a connection that long (just check out the airport website you’re flying to and search VIP lounges and book through them- Dubai has at least 30! and I went in most of them only to be told it wasn’t the right one).

Anyway Emirates having already given me a full meal and snacks on that first flight have given me a food voucher for the stop over and will have another meal on the next flight (feeders!!!).

I felt totally lost on that flight. a LOT has changed since I was last on a long haul. You can actually choose the film you want to watch or a TV program or even Shakespeare!!! (which I was tempted by). They even have wifi (it didn’t work but that’s besides the point). So I was rather impressed. AND one of the most exciting things was that they have little drawers in the toilets with sanitary towels in! I suppose I shouldn’t be this impressed since it is 2016. But to be fair EE can’t even provide me any signal in England so I have little faith in modern technology.

One thing I will say is that it is not fun being in the toilet when there’s turbulence. Besides the obvious flailing about inside a small space in precarious position, a little light with a person ‘briskly’ walking to their seat started flashing at me! I honestly didn’t know whether to carry on or run out to my seat and strap in.

So all in all. Not looking forward to doing all that again. And probably should get a kip like all the other people surrounding me.



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