The last night…

So here it is, the last night.

I have had a strange indigestion/heartburn feeling for the last 12 hours. Which is slightly odd since I used to say that I had no idea what heart burn was and got really confused by the Gaviscon adverts, now I think I know. It isn’t nice. I wish I had small gaviscon firemen… I can’t actually find a way to continue that sentence in a way that isn’t risqué. Most likely anxiety, nerves, mild panic, terror, fear of the unknown or some horrible underlying illness that I had no idea about. (Sarcasm doesn’t really work too well when you’re writing).

Back to the night in question, I had a meal with family and friends at a local thai restaurant. Felt a bit like Jesus in the last supper…

It’s a bit of an odd feeling when people around you are talking about you leaving. A slight paranoia starts to set in ‘do these people actually want me to go!!???’. I wonder if Jesus felt like that?

I have no idea if I spent my last day the way I ‘should’ have. But it was good. Now its the impending ‘flight day’. Which I will spend mainly on a plane. I will finally arrive in Bali Monday evening.

And there will begin the next chapter.

Now for sleep. Hopefully.


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