My inspirational reads


So now for some honesty! It is Karl Pilkington that I truly have to thank for going through with my travels…

(pause for “WTF?!”)

I watched the idiot abroad series earlier this year. They are AMAZING! I honestly thought “Ok, well if he can do it then I can do it!”.

Not quite the same situation of course… (as everyone continues to tell me)… he had a whole team with him/behind him organising it and taking him everywhere. Plus he got paid. But he did it! and he didn’t even want to, yet he wholly embraced it. His ability to embrace it and (yes he did moan a lot along the way) do the ridiculous things that Ricky and Steve got him to do and enjoy it was really quite inspiring!

So that’s my inspirational figure on this journey. I can just imagine what Ricky and Steve would say!

I picked these two books up from a charity store and thought OK when I’m feeling a bit lost and worried abroad I’ll read these and they’ll re-focus me. Bear Grylls (a.k.a. man of my dreams) had to be in there too.


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