5 things I will miss about home


Besides my family and friends of course (they didn’t tell me to write that!) here are 5 things I will miss. Oddly it was hard to think of more than 5.

  1. A good comfy bed!!! (those who know me well will know how much I do love my bed)
  2. Driving. I love the freedom and independence my car gives me as well as the space to sing until my voice gives out whilst annoying no one.
  3. My metal vests! I want to immerse myself in another culture and to do that I need to be respectful. Shoulders are a no-no in many of the places I am visiting.
  4. Skinny jeans. Fortunately it will be too hot to wear these but I will miss them
  5. BTP! A Boston Tea Party chai latte has been a faithful friend for so long. I doubt they will have any BTPs where I’m headed

And that’s kind of it…


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