1 day to go…


And the panic sets in! Today I will mostly be packing and unpacking my bag several times.

…Checking things

….Folding things

…Picking up my passport

…Putting my passport down

…Checking things

…Packing things

You see where this is going. All highly neurotic! All whilst I probably should be enjoying the last day with my family (I’ll make some time for them alongside the checking).

I’ll be honest I have thought “I could just not go… I could stay and change my mind” once today. It is a thought that will undoubtedly crop up time and time again in this challenge. But I pushed it away. Mainly through the thought of how much bloody money I’ve put in to this already!!! (it doesn’t bear thinking about- my nickname was at one point in my life ostrich… head firmly in the sand with this one!).

Just in case you cannot visualise an ostrich….


(it’s never good when you have to annotate your drawings to ensure audience understanding!!!)


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