Let’s play a game…


Which of these unlikely items I have packed will I not use over the course of my travels??????

These are:

  • A washing line (given to me for free by the owner of an independent hardware store if I followed his one piece of advice “stay away from bars” while travelling)
  • A nail file (my friend knows me well)
  • Nutella (now this was a last minute desperate buy. A friend who previously completed the placement urged┬áme to pack this)
  • A sink plug (I WILL need to wash my clothes… Ok… I blame my mum for the plug and the washing line)
  • Hair mousse (in case my hair looks even worse than it does in this country)
  • Creative stuff!!!!!!!! Now these I can’t go without since my first stop is a placement in Bali working therapeutically and creatively with children and individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

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